Nature and Health

Try to get back to nature today, in some way give yourself time in the woods, tracking in the mounds, walking in open meadows or walking barefoot on the beach. When you take the time to drink in the beauty of a natural world, you will release your belief that things and accumulations are needed for you to feel complete. There is a wonderful saying I used to say to all my clients “The wilderness is a therapy”. Even if you live in a city, you can just walk barefoot along the grass and park someplace, you will feel yourself more blissful” Wayne Dyre, 101 ways to transform your life

Have you ever thought about the link between nature and your health? To answer this question you need to know how important it is to create a strong relationship between you and nature.

Some wonderful and breathtaking places in Switzerland need to be visited to discover the difference between being in town and flying without wings in a natural, marvelous and wonderful environment.

If youvisit some of these fantastic places, where you will undoubtedly be serene: Titlis summi, Jungfraujoch, Kapellbrückbridge, Rhine Fallsetc, nature will then reveal its secrets and eternal story; you should come to Switzerland and throw your body and soul into the bosom of your mother nature.